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Hi! And welcome to my book site.

When I first entered the sports girls sports coaching world I looked around for a source of inspiration that I could share with my athletes. I wanted something that was easy and fun to read, gave examples for them to follow, and was hopefully faith based because I was coaching at a Christian high school.

Unfortunately I could not locate anything that met my needs. So, I looked into writing my own. The result is a book titled “For Him”. In it I address the core subjects that female athletes encounter on a daily basis, whether it is crowd based, individual based, family based, peer based, lifestyle based, or faith based. I give real life examples (some from my own life) and show how to cope with or defeat the underlying problem and make something good of something questionable.

I show the reader how to face her own life challenges and become the best that she can be in life, as well as sports.

This book is intended for high school aged female athletes, but athletes of any age, gender, and religious persuasion, as well as coaches, parents, and  teachers will find it a good resource for their own life building exercises.

It also makes a good gift for anyone and any occasion.

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Thank You!

Vickie Benson

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